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2018-06-28 / Travel blog,

"Pyeongchang 2018" Winter Olympic Game in South Korea

This year I was very lucky that I had the opportunity to watch a winter Olympics game in South Korea. It was one of my childhood dreams special thanks to my husband who really loves traveling around the world. I am going to share my opinion about this winter Olympics game which we experienced. 

Pyeongchang is XXIII Winter Olympic Games and it is an international multi winter sports event that was organized between 9 and 25 of February 2018. South Korea is the third East Asian country which held Olympics after held twice in Japan. This is the first time for winter games and before that South Korea held summer games once in 1988. Next summer Olympics game will be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020 and Next winter games will be held in Beijing, China in 2022. I'm sure that I definitely will visit these two games as an Asian tourist who loved traveling and sports games. 


International Olympic Committee has a big role in organizing Olympic games. In the Pyeongchang games, 92 nations' 2922 athletes participated in 102 events. Mongolian athletes participated in cross country skiing. All of the volunteer workers provided with North Face clothes and facilities for sponsorship. The main color was grey and red. The Motto was Passion Connected (하나된 열정).

The bus to reach Pyeongchang was very good organized to arrive and leave at every ten minutes with English interpretation for who have already bought tickets. Here we could see well-developed transportation system in South Korea.

One thing was it announced in such short period of time, and winter in Korea was very cold that's why it couldn't reach many tourists to watch the games. Also, around the city which is hosting Olympics games hotels where very expensive for example, they claimed as "Olympic Price for Hotel". Typical price in the typical hotel is around 30 USD per person but during the Olympics, it was more than 100 USD per person. But travelers find a way to make a solution for that if you interested to know you can write a comment. I would love to share my experience anyone interested. The cheapest ticket was from 25 USD till over 1000 USD.