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2018-07-02 / Travel blog,

The Relationship

The Relationship

        Man plus woman is a theory of humankind. Life begins with the relationship, for example, you grew up with your parent's love, isn't it? 

        There is various kind of relationship exists. The earlier history of humankind relationship was restricted by tradition in the world. Care, Commitment, Respect, Response, Trust, Knowledge, Responsibility, Patience, and Honesty those are an expression of the love for those who are not materialistic. But some people measures love by wealth and appearance but we all know it lasts long. I believe that you have to feel happy no matter where you are, who you are and whom with you are. Shape and size of love seen as romanticism including flowers, gifts, dinner, traveling and so on. Even though ask yourself if you really feel calm in this relationship or if you are not satisfied all the time with your relationship.

        Anyways, appreciate that what you have and don't miss the opportunity to love the person next to you because time passes so fast. Actually, you are the only one who can make you happy with how you are acting to other people. If you really want to work this relationship it would be worth, you will work hard for it and you will protect it from others. Otherwise, you will just let them go in peace.

        Look inside of you, don't look for any reason or anyone who will bring happiness for you. Life gives what you wanted and what you do for you, therefore, work for what you really want to get and give others same things. This is a simple rule of life.


Love others and let people love you!