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2020-09-28 / Travel blog,

How to become millionaire

How to become millionaire

In order to survive, it is not sufficient for life 9 to 5 work's salary. Have you eer seen some one who got a rich with company's salary and civil servants salary without getting bribery. Here I have suggestion for you to think again about how to become millionaire in your lifetime. 

  1. Expand your source of income
  2. Invest in your education and skills
  3. Explore about the country where you can be hired with high income
  4. Spend more time on your hobby consistently
  5. In the next century if you are aware, Information Technology skills will be expensive plus your major
  6. Innovation is one of the gates and see where people need solutions
  7. Start your business what people are willing to pay 
  8. Play with trade but you need a professional knowledge about it otherwise it will go wrong. There is no luck.
  9. Develop your networking and communication skills
  10. Don't waste your time set goal, make plan for saving money
  11. Be healthy

Money attracts more money. It is time for you to think about your life. 

Take every chance, Drop every fear. 

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