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Mom Life During Pandemic

Mom Life During Pandemic

Every mother has their own journey of becoming mother with their little cutie pies. First of all, becoming mother is a responsibility. I would love to share my experience of becoming mother. 

If you are planning to have baby, first prepare your body for pregnancy. Mother's health is one of the important factor for having healthy baby. Eat healthy, sleep well, do some exercise and explore about pregnancy because there will be many changes in your lifestyle. During the pregnance it is imortant to walk 30 minuts to 1 hour a day in a fresh air for baby and for your body. Other wise you will get fat and after giving birth that will difficult to lose weight. There are many food restrictions including alcohol, smoking, coffee and sweets but really it depends on your health condition. It is better to have some vital vitamins under doctor's advice. During the last three months of pregnancy you can listen to music and talk to your belly because infant can hear you :) 

One months before, it is better to prepare staff for giving birth http:// http://tabitourmongolia.com/post/38309  here you can have some ideas of preparation. It is better to have some check list it will help you to calculate your money and time. 

Mom should prepare Dad should prepare For the baby
Pyjamas, underwear, cosmetics Be ready for emergency call Whittle, clothes
Bra pad, Toilet papers, Napkins, night and day pad Helping mom and baby  Soother, milk, pampers, napkins
Necessary documents  Prepare necessary staff Baby shampoo, oil, bath, towel, 

After giving birth be ready for sleepless nights and pain after giving birth. There are many do's and dont's for the infants be aware f that. The baby's fever should be lower than 37.5 celcius. If your baby is having fever higher than 38 you should call an ambulance because there is something wrong in your baby's body. Also be aware of vaccination periods and there must be some cash funds depending on the location where you are from so you have prepare important dcuments. Within two weeks after giving birth you have to register your baby's national identity card or visa etc. 

All mothers know that faced a lot of changes in our life style after giving birth for instance, some character changes because of changes in the hormones which is called postnatal depression; physical changes like boobies size, fat stomach, and also changes in the daily schedule. Of course, it affects people around us, specially for husband. Even husband try his best it is unusual experience for men to understand women behaviour.

For the first baby, everything was new and exciting. We tried our best for the first time. We ask help from our parents, friends and explore from internet. For the second baby, I was far from my family and home country during the world pandemic 2020 named Covid-19. It was challenging for pregnant woman for example, when it was the time to give birth and the next 10 days also I was alone in the hospital because daddy was prohibited to enter the hospital due to covid-19 spread risk was high. Which made us more challenging. 

After two babies, mommy become doctor, teacher, chief and so on. Mommy should be creative, educated and be more active in order to prepare kids for the society and kids will raise seeing their parents and can be great example for their future life. The most difficult part is children get sick. Specially during the pandemic big kiddo having fever was scary because covid-19's first symptom was high fever. People were avoiding from us instead of helping us but luckily that fever was not a covid-19. Many people in the hospitality sector were losing their jobs and one of them were my husband. It was hard time for us but finally we overcame that difficult time. Actually everything has its beginning and ending :) 

Becoming mommy requires patience and more energy. Also it is wonderful feeling to have babies like me and my husband. 

Daily routine of mine: 

06:00 Wake up 

06:30 Breakfast

07:00 Morning exercise

08:00 Going out for fresh air

10:00 Kids study time /painting, counting, singing, dancing/

11:00 Preparation for the lunch and cleaning

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Sleepig time /babies/ while I'm studying

15:00 Preparation for the dinner and go for grocery shopping

18:00 Dinner and dad comes

19:00 Playing time /outside and inside depends on the weather/

21:00 Preparation for sleeping

22:00 Salfcare time 

23:00 Bed time

During the pandemic I should be careful for bringing babies around the places where people have gathered. Stay home, work from home, wear a mask, social distance are the most common words you heard in 2020. In Japan, if mother or father doesn't work, the children are not allowed to enroll kindergarten that's why three of us had to stay at home for few months until the little one is able to go to kindergarten. 

It is not easy to manage our budget when mommy is not working in Japan. People in Japan work day and night then you can have sufficient life otherwise you may face hunger because no one is responsible in front of your life. Even you have babies you have to work for few hours a week is okay. 

Open for the more effective daily routine ideas and please leave comments below. 

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