Tips & Advice


First of all, You should have an image of where you are going and should be prepared for a long adventure tour!

General about Mongolia: Official language is Mongolian and it is known as the last nomadic country in the world. It would be different than well organized fancy trips to developed countries. But of course, you will feel freedom under the eternal blue sky and green wild steppe of Mongolia. Also, Mongolia is densely populated and locates between Russia in the north and China to the south. We are going to give you a tip for traveling around the urban area especially in the rural area because it would be unique and you might be never experienced before. 

Religion: Most of Mongolians believe in Tibetan Buddism and shamanism there are many other religions introduced since the revolution in the 1990s for example in the west of the country, among the Kazakhs, Islam,  recently increasing number of Christians.

Currency: Mongolian national currency is the tugrik (MNT). It’s composed of banknotes from 10 to 20000 MNT. As for July 2018, 1 USD is about 2450 MNT. It depends on you how much money you want to bring for example, in the rural area you wouldn't pay much for shopping. But if you want to buy small local souvenirs and for your personal needs, 100 USD exchanging to MNT is enough. On the other hand in the city center, you may have more interest to visit cashmere and wool store and so on which mean you should have more MNTs. 

Accommodation: There are three options for you to stay in Ulaanbaatar just at the arrival time in terms of price and facilities. Firstly, you can choose to stay in our guest house with reasonable price and it is possible to cook for yourself. Secondly, 3-stars Hotel and another option is more comfortable famous Hotel. Breakfast is included and the room will be available when you arrive in Ulaanbaatar city. Below amenities are available for all of the accommodations. 

Ger camp: Ger camps are fully furnished with shower, bathroom, restaurants that propose Mongolian and European dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided depending on the itinerary. Tent camp: Our tents withstand wind, rain, and insulate from cold. There will be two people in every three people's tent. 

Comfort: As we all know, Mongolia is a developing country, therefore, some of the food and camp standards are far from developed countries. I would suggest that you should be ready for adventure and feel the last nomadic life in the world as living in their life. Mongolian infrastructure is not well-developed nationwide which means you will face real offroad and will have more fun. Be ready for going out of modern comfort zone and enjoy the real nomadic life within our traveling schedules. But we will make a full effort on your safe and satisfying journey to the land of eternal blue sky and wild green steppe. 

​​​​​​Food: Mongolia is famous for its traditional food consists of meat, flour and dairy products. Maybe it seems repetitive and sometimes fatty. During the tour, meals are balanced between Mongolian food, for you to appreciate the Mongolian specialties and international food (limited) in camps. We will consider our vegetarian travelers and we can cook in our own kitchen which will be brought with us. 

Climate: Mongolia is a landlocked country and we have more than 200 sunny days for a year. There are four seasons, the highest temperature is above +30 Celsius in summer. The lowest one is -30 Celsius in winter (November to January) which we call it a Mongolian harsh winter. Most comfortable time to travel around Mongolia summer temperature is around +25 Celsius. April and May are transitional months from winter to summer. Spring is between September and October are which transition from summer to winter when everything become yellow and looks beautiful but it is colder so be aware of catching a cold at that time. Livestock give birth in spring which looks so cute and also special work in the rural area, you can have the opportunity to participate and know more about rural life. From the mid of August temperature drops significantly between +15C and +25C and this continues until September. 

Traditional activities: When you visit nomadic family, the host of a family might give you a shot of vodka which is tradition and you shouldn't drink it all but if you like you can. It is typical that people coming from the city give small gifts to the family such as toys, candies anything that useful for them and some may be memorable. 

Guide and driver: We select our guides regarding their language skill, knowledge about Mongolian history and nomadic culture, open minded friendly hard working people are chosen to go for a traveling. Drivers also who have many years of experience in traveling and driving on the offroad way. They are trained once in a year in three different fields such as language and knowledge, dealing with sudden problems with customers and coworkers such as a camp museum, and the last one is for safety and how to use medical treatment for first aid.

Unexpected conditions: Time is not countable in Mongolian wild steppe because there might be changes in the weather condition, domestic flight delays, and so on. For this reason subject to change in the schedule but it rarely happens. It will be a long adventure traveling, trust the workers because they will be chosen and trained ones for you. So please understand and don't blame workers for unexpected for sudden changes in the itinerary. And enjoy the unique time that you have, I hope we can cooperate perfectly fine. We will do everything that making you satisfied during the trip. 

Our company will provide you with below items:

We provide comfortable tents, sleeping bags, ground mattress, place settings, kitchen utilities, gas, and gas reload, tables and chairs. Saddles made by Khuvsgul artisan, comfortable with their leather cushion on a wooden frame. Mongolian leather saddles bags for your personal belongings during the horse rides. Satellite phones Iridium Extreme for the self-sufficient treks.

Just in Case

These little things might easily waste your trip such as Itching, Indigestion, Blister, Small injury. Be careful and don't worry much about them we will help you to fix them quickly because we train our guides with first aid. Our car medicine bag can include repellent against mosquitos and. Soothing cream in case of vegetal irritation or insect bite. Solar protection cream.

Travel Light

It is better when you bring light luggage will help you travel comfortably avoiding oveload horses during the horse riding to the high mountain. One important reminding is inner flights accept only 15kg luggage. 

Your bag should include below items: 

We are providing most of the necessary items but we are reminding that you should prepare personal staff for your convenience. Some of them important such as raincoat, proper boots for hiking and some of them up to you. It is not necessary to bring expensive accessories such as earings, necklaces, etc, because you might lose it during the hiking, it is difficult, almost impossible to find it. Sleeping bag sheets, if you want.

Just in Case

Gloves for horse riding, a foulard, bandana type, hat and sunglass for sharp sunlight and dust,  fast drying underwear, high socks,  a bonnet and a scarf especially in September, headlamp, a flask for your convenience. Light clothes and warm clothes weather are changeable. Especially rainy days are cold and sunny days are hot. Fleece jacket, comfortable trousers for hiking and horse riding.  Waterproof trekking shoes with grip soles and high ankle. Please bring a raincoat but not ponchos or other loose rain clothes, because they could frighten the horses if you ride. Bring shampoo, soap, toothpaste and your own towel, antibacterial gels. Pen and notebook, solar batteries, and a waterproof bag for your camera, tissues, small knife.

We invite you to the land of eternal blue sky and the last nomadic country in the world. We can promise you an unforgettable memory and great experience during the traveling. Our kind and responsible service will make you satisfied with our best tour itineraries. 

We welcome you!